My teaching


The University of London was the first UK higher education institution to award women full degrees, in 1878.


Picture: ‘A lady B.A. of London University’, The Graphic (London, England), Saturday, May 16, 1885; Issue 807


Currently I teach across Masters, PhD and EdD programmes at the UCL Institute of Education, particularly on the Masters in Education course. In addition to face to face teaching, I teach on various online modules, mainly in the area of curriculum, policy and practice, as well as research methods.

I supervise students working on dissertations in areas such as professional education, teaching, higher education, education policy, sociology of education, urban and rural education, and medical, dental and legal education, and I welcome applications from potential doctoral students wanting to work with me in these areas.

Doctoral students

Vernon Holt  Developing an Holistic and Person-Centred Approach to Personal Development: Using Mentoring in Dentistry

Julie Bounford The academy & community: seeking authentic voices inside higher education

Dominic Edsall (Current) A mixed methods investigation of teacher cognition and the scaffolding of student agency and autonomy in EFL instruction at a Japanese university.

Joanne Harris (Current) Assessment of professionalism at medical school: What is guiding the assessor’s decision when assessing undergraduate students for professionalism?

Yi-Hsuan Huang (Current) Self-Identity: A Narrative Inquiry into England’s Secondary Teachers’ Stories