My research 1998-2003

In the teacher’s chair, Shakespeare’s classroom, Stratford upon Avon.

During this period, my academic work centred around developing an understanding of the relationship between education, time and the future. As part of my doctoral work, I developed a number of research tools to evaluate and analyse teachers’ professional conceptions of learning futures, and used them as a way of determining their attitudes towards present policy. I also developed a system of linguistic analysis related to that carried out by Bernstein which enabled me to track code-switching in teacher talk, indicating teacher anomie (alienation) in terms of social policy. I developed this work on time and society in my book Teachers Under Siege (Leaton Gray, 2006, buy here: and an earlier paper Defining the Future: An Interrogation of Education and Time (Leaton Gray, 2004, download here: The book eventually led to involvement with Lord David Puttnam and his education documentary film We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For (2009, watch here: in which I was a key interviewee. Some points where I’m being interviewed are:

4:08 – 4:26 (Factory model for schooling)

4:49 – 5:03 (Golden Age of Education?)

5:35 – 5:46 (Need to look 25 years ahead)

12:55-13:07 (How we hide young people away)

16:07 – 16:25 (Should pupils questions the world around them?)

16:52-17:16 (Are we developing educational foot soldiers?)

1:02:00 – 1:02:07 (Need for holistic education)