Research and evaluation projects

If you would like our UCL IOE consultancy team to carry out research or evaluation projects in the areas of curriculum reform, syllabus design, assessment, or the future of education, please get in touch with me at and/or Gemma Wickert at


UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Advancement) and Wellcome Trust Moving Up: optimising secondary school transition processes during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Jane Perryman, Katya Saville, Eleanore Hargreaves, Emma Jones, Jennie Golding, Lauren Hammond, Beate Hallewell, Helen Lawson, Jie Liu and Michael Reiss.

Pearson Principal Investigator Future of the Artificially Intelligent Examination. With Mary Richardson and Bryan Maddox.


British Broadcasting Corporation  Principal Investigator Evaluation of the BBC’s Bitesize Programme with special reference to the different educational frameworks of the UK’s component nations. With David Scott.


European Commission Principal Investigator External Evaluation of a Proposal for Reorganisation of Secondary Studies in the European Schools for years S4 to S7. With David Scott, Didac Gutierrez-Peris, Peeter Mehisto, Norbert Pachler and Michael Reiss.


International Baccalaureate Organisation Principal Investigator and production of a literature review to aid the IBO to increase understanding of concepts related to increasing understanding of processes and practical steps behind the curriculum development in different countries. With David Scott and Euan Auld.


Royal College of Psychiatrists  Tender to evaluate the fairness of the College’s professional examinations. With Richard Wakeford, MeiLing Denney and Sian Williams.


Kaplan QLTS   Tender to provide External Quality Assurance.


Queen Mary, University of London, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications  Tender to provide External Quality Assurance. With Richard Wakeford.


Faculty of Public Health  MFPH Workplace–Based Assessment Support. Scoping Study of Trainers and Trainees; Literature Review, Recommendations for Action. With Richard Wakeford and MeiLing Denney.


Intercollegiate Membership Examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland  Tender to provide External Quality Assurance. With Richard Wakeford, MeiLing Denney and Sian Williams.


Royal College of General Practitioners  Tender to provide External Quality Assurance. With Richard Wakeford.


National Health Service  Tender to carry out an evaluation of a cross-infection control CD-ROM for dentists. With Catherine Howell, University of Cambridge and Chris Franklin, University of Sheffield.


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Villiers Park Educational Trust 

An Enquiry into Continuing Professional Development for Teachers Principle Investigator With John Gray, University of Cambridge.


ESRC Doctoral studentship (External) Mapping professional conceptions of learning futures