Conferences and invited talks

On the red carpet at the premiere of the education documentary film ‘We are the people we’ve been waiting for’, 2009

2019 Artificial intelligence and education – Who are the digital winners? Oxford University Department for Education, Learning and New Technologies Group seminar, 4th November, 1700-1830.

2019 Panel member “Facial recognition systems – From false positives to positively frightening” Computer Privacy and Data Protection conference, Brussels, 31st January

2018 “Beyond the fourth industrial revolution” Westminster Education Forum, Royal Overseas League, 29th November

2018 “Is there a digital erosion of childhood?” University of Passau, Germany, 15th November

2018 “A united and thriving Europe? A sociology of the European Schools’ and ‘If personalised education and artificial intelligence are a democratic problem, could pluralisation be the democratic solution?” British Educational Research Association conference, Newcastle, 11-13th September

2018 “Time poverty, technology infrastructure and educational inequality: the impact on adolescent social deprivation” The Social Life of Time conference, Edinburgh University, 5-7th June

2017 “Space, Big Data and Privacy” London Institute of Space Policy & Law and UCL Space Domain Seminar, London, 13 December

2017 “The digital lives of children: privacy and wellbeing” King Alfred School Conference, 14 October

2016 “FE teachers under siege” ResearchED, B6 Academy, Hackney, 3 December

2016 “The social construction of time in contemporary education: implications for technology, equality and Bernstein’s ‘conditions for democracy” British Sociological Association conference, Aston University, 6-8 April

2015 “The eight key curriculum competences and why they matter” Keynote at European Schools Curriculum Conference, European School Helsinki, 15 August

2015 “The Spam Files” IOE Festival of Education, 28 February

2015 “Creativity Matters” Kookmin University, South Korea, 27 January

2015 “Biometrics Uncensored” Biometrics Institute Conference, London 13-15 October

2013 “Ten things we have forgotten about being a child” Sunday Times Festival of Education, Wellington College 21-22 June

2013 “Russian education reform” CNBC, St Petersberg Economic Forum (TV interview)

2012 “Employability: a capability approach” Society for Research into Higher Education Conference with Geoff Hinchcliffe, Newport, Wales 12-14 December

2012 “Teachers, vocation and identity” Keynote symposium, BERA conference, University of Manchester with Megan Crawford and Vernon Holt, 6-9 September

also “Identity and biometrics – convenience at the cost of privacy in UK schools” with Andy Phippen (substantial press coverage of the paper here:

2010 “The semi-vocational routes in UK higher education: pathways to secured employment or controlled expansion and differentiation?” Keynote symposium, Universite Paris Descartes, Sorbonne, Paris with Yann Lebeau 17-18 February (Presentation here:

2009 Interviewee in the Lord David Putnam documentary film “We are the people we’ve been waiting for” (Whole film here:

2007 “New forms of schooling in London: academies, federations, extended schools – their significance and likely impact” Keynote symposium, BERA conference, Institute of Education, University of London, 5-8 September

2005 “Pedagogical approaches to mechanical engineering” Keynote symposium, BERA conference, University of Glamorgan with Rhiannon Williams, 16-18 September