Was 1980s UK education a man’s world?

My job is exciting at the best of times, but one particularly interesting thing happened this week. On Tuesday I found myself in the Institute archives looking at our collection of 250,000 past examination papers with our Special Collections Librarian, Nazlin Bhimani. We have been discussing what to do in research terms with this rather… Continue reading Was 1980s UK education a man’s world?


Part 2 – Assessing learning

This is the second in my series of three posts looking at assessing intelligence, learning and aptitude. In the first post in the series, we looked at the role of intelligence testing in education, which is trying to work out the inherent capability of an individual. This post will talk about how we assess an individual’s educational… Continue reading Part 2 – Assessing learning

A guide to intelligence (and heritability) for beginners

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting three articles up on this blog, as a short series. This series examines an important problem in education, and that is: how do we find out what individuals are capable of, and what they are learning? I will look at three aspects of this problem. First… Continue reading A guide to intelligence (and heritability) for beginners

Let’s talk Russian education reform

I had to do a very sound byte led interview for CNBC this week, for a film to be shown at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. It's hard to be very expressive about your educational philosophy in a few disjointed words, so I thought it was time for a new blog post. Here are some… Continue reading Let’s talk Russian education reform