Women in leadership courses – sexism and snake oil?

I've been on a large number of women's leadership courses. My first was in 1999. I still don't rule the world, so what's happened? Invariably I get sent spam invitations like this, to my university email address: In the middle of or embarking on a challenging role, restructure or project at work? Needing to thrive in… Continue reading Women in leadership courses – sexism and snake oil?


Part III – Assessing aptitude

So far in my series of three linked series of three posts we have addressed how to tell if someone has general ability, and how to tell if they are learning anything at all. This post will comment on how schools try to work out if a pupil has potential in an area of specialism directly related… Continue reading Part III – Assessing aptitude

Was 1980s UK education a man’s world?

My job is exciting at the best of times, but one particularly interesting thing happened this week. On Tuesday I found myself in the Institute archives looking at our collection of 250,000 past examination papers with our Special Collections Librarian, Nazlin Bhimani. We have been discussing what to do in research terms with this rather… Continue reading Was 1980s UK education a man’s world?

Part 2 – Assessing learning

This is the second in my series of three posts looking at assessing intelligence, learning and aptitude. In the first post in the series, we looked at the role of intelligence testing in education, which is trying to work out the inherent capability of an individual. This post will talk about how we assess an individual’s educational… Continue reading Part 2 – Assessing learning