The Colour of AI

A blog post about the next social revolution, where we reject AI anthropomorphism and attendant narrow-spectrum analysis suggesting we are all simply a wet form of computer, and start to establish what it means to be truly human.


Space, Big Data and Privacy

[As presented today at the Space Serving Humanity seminar, London Institute of Space Policy and Law and the UCL Space Domain] Technology moves very fast, sociology moves relatively slowly, and therefore it takes time to establish which questions are the most important to be answered in this era of change. Big Data and their relationship… Continue reading Space, Big Data and Privacy

Women in leadership courses – sexism and snake oil?

I've been on a large number of women's leadership courses. My first was in 1999. I still don't rule the world, so what's happened? Invariably I get sent spam invitations like this, to my university email address: In the middle of or embarking on a challenging role, restructure or project at work? Needing to thrive in… Continue reading Women in leadership courses – sexism and snake oil?

Part III – Assessing aptitude

So far in my series of three linked series of three posts we have addressed how to tell if someone has general ability, and how to tell if they are learning anything at all. This post will comment on how schools try to work out if a pupil has potential in an area of specialism directly related… Continue reading Part III – Assessing aptitude