‘My Life Online’ digital survey is looking for teens aged 13-19

I have a research survey live at the moment, and I am looking for teens aged 13-19 to complete it. The survey is excellent for use in form time or PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) lessons, as it encourages teens to reflect on how they spend their time online as well as what… Continue reading ‘My Life Online’ digital survey is looking for teens aged 13-19


Space, Big Data and Privacy

Readers may be aware that as well as being interested in the sociology of education, I also have research interests in privacy, data protection and Big Data. I usually give consideration to how this impacts on children, young people, and schooling systems, but sometimes I work a little beyond these boundaries. Here is the transcript… Continue reading Space, Big Data and Privacy

Wild swimming and children

Fifty years ago, my village used to have a swimming platform by the River Cam so that local people could enjoy a quick swim surrounded by countryside. Young people used to go up there during the school summer holidays with their friends to sit on the grass and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. They… Continue reading Wild swimming and children

On Grenfell Tower, residents’ associations, and democracy

During the 1990s I spent some years as a board member of the Landmark Housing Association, which was a Registered Social Landlord in London responsible for a property portfolio that included both rental and shared ownership properties. Landmark was part of the larger Family Housing Association, and until the abolition of the Greater London Council… Continue reading On Grenfell Tower, residents’ associations, and democracy