The school fact-checking project #FaktabaariEDU

#FaktabaariEDU – project brief The basic idea of the project is to adapt the proved fact-checking approach and methods used by Faktabaari into the education field and to provide the pupils the necessary knowledge, skills and competences as well as self-confidence, so that they could actively and critically take part in the debates and discussions […]… Continue reading The school fact-checking project #FaktabaariEDU

Music Education in the 21st Century – book review

  Music Education in the 21st century in the United Kingdom: Achievements, analysis and aspirations edited by Susan Hallam and Andrea Creech, London, Institute of Education, 2010, xviii+354pp pp., £23.99 (paperback) ISBN 978-0-85473-899-1 After reading this book, I sat for a moment and contemplated the viability of gift wrapping a copy for every single student… Continue reading Music Education in the 21st Century – book review