How risky is it to be a child? Slides for my BERA 2017 talk

BERA2017 Click above if you would like to see the slides for my talk on children at risk at the British Educational Research Association conference in Brighton next week. If you are there, I am speaking in FUL-106 at 15.50h on Tuesday 5th September, and the title of the paper is 'How risky it is… Continue reading How risky is it to be a child? Slides for my BERA 2017 talk


DfE response about the schools national funding formula.

I wrote to the DfE recently, pointing out that the largely urbanised model the Government continues to use in calculating school funding penalises schools and pupils in deprived rural areas, such as East Fenland in Cambridgeshire, to quote one example. Here we have the reply. I am relieved that switching energy providers and photocopier contracts… Continue reading DfE response about the schools national funding formula.

Fact-checking education policy for the Daily Telegraph

Like many people in day-to-day contact with schools, I was astonished to read the contents of the somewhat surreal Education Excellence Everywhere White Paper when it came out recently. However on reflection, I was not entirely surprised the Secretary of State had produced it. It was clearly an attempt to salvage something from the frenzied regime of her… Continue reading Fact-checking education policy for the Daily Telegraph

What’s worth learning? Curriculum confrontation!

Kari’s curriculum debate is likely to be one of the hottest educational events of the summer. Education ‘hipster’ beards optional, apparently. See you in Helsinki.




A Curriculum Confrontation 

A free, inspirational and up-lifting educational pop-up happening in the heart of Helsinki in the middle of the summer.

Three different learning models coming together to deliberately disrupt each other’s thinking. The potential outcome?  An optimal curriculum to educate children for a changing world.

Finnish curriculum reform 2016

The Common Ground Curriculum for international schools

European School – From Early Education to Baccalaureate

The City of Helsinki – Phenomenal Helsinki – the joy of learning and doing together



PLACE:European School, Helsinki, Bulevardi 18, 00120 Helsinki

DATE: Saturday, 15th of August, from 10.00 to 16.00.

TARGET POPULATION (150 – 180 places):

  • Educational hipsters,
  • The staff of the National Board of Education,
  • Teachers/Directors/Parents/Students of the Finnish, European, and International schools
  • Curriculum specialists

KEYNOTES (20 to 60 minutes each/English):

Kevin Bartlett (Director, International School of Brussels) is the Co-Designer and Co-Leader of two successful global…

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