Technology infrastructure, time poverty and educational inequality: the impact on adolescent social deprivation (initial pilot study)

These are the slides from my talk at the Social Life of Time: Power, Discrimination and Transformation conference, 5-7th June 2018, Edinburgh University. If you would like a copy of the paper, please email me at s.leaton-gray at Time presentation (Edinburgh)


‘My Life Online’ digital survey is looking for teens aged 13-19

I have a research survey live at the moment, and I am looking for teens aged 13-19 to complete it. The survey is excellent for use in form time or PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) lessons, as it encourages teens to reflect on how they spend their time online as well as what… Continue reading ‘My Life Online’ digital survey is looking for teens aged 13-19

Space, Big Data and Privacy

Readers may be aware that as well as being interested in the sociology of education, I also have research interests in privacy, data protection and Big Data. I usually give consideration to how this impacts on children, young people, and schooling systems, but sometimes I work a little beyond these boundaries. Here is the transcript… Continue reading Space, Big Data and Privacy

The Colour of AI

A blog post about the next social revolution, where we reject AI anthropomorphism and attendant narrow-spectrum analysis suggesting we are all simply a wet form of computer, and start to establish what it means to be truly human.