How much? The cost of converting schools to academies.

Here are some sums in response to the Department for Education’s announcement today that it has overspent by £1 billion on the academies programme, with a total cost of £8.35 billion being spent over the last two years.

Number of school aged children in the UK – 9,500,000

Amount spent in total since election on academies programme – £8,350,000,000

Amount spent per school aged child on academies programme – £840

With that in mind, let me suggest some alternatives to spending this money on academy conversions, that would have a immediate and quantifiable impact on children’s learning. How about:

1. Top quality free school meals for all children for a year

2. Double nursery hours for pre schoolers

3. Halve primary school class sizes

4. Give every secondary school 10 extra teachers


1 thought on “How much? The cost of converting schools to academies.”

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